The Mayfair Christmas Market – history and what to see

The Mayfair Christmas Market has something for everyone visiting the British Capital. It gives visitors what they love from the festive season.

The Mayfair Christmas Market – learn about the origin of The Mayfair Christmas Market

The Christmas market has its origins in medieval German culture. Once known as Vienna’s December market, it was first recorded in 1298. The markets presented opportunities in which social hierarchies were not observed.

The first Christkindlmarkt took place in 1384; during this period, it was known as Open-air winter street markets in the town of Bautzen. The early markets started by selling meat but evolved to provide seasonal treats, decorations and crafts.

In the UK, the first Christmas Markets started in Lincoln in 1982 and later in Birmingham in 1997. Upon its success, it was adopted across continents.

Return of Christmas Market- plenty of glitz and glam

Novikov Restaurant & Bar is once again hosting a Christmas market. Visitors who are not fans of the crowds will love the Mayfair Christmas Market in Mayfair Place W1.

Minstrels & Carol Singers- plenty of music and melodies to entertain visitors

What’s Christmas without carols? Singers will serenade visitors at various times throughout the three days.

Champaign Ice Bar – visitors will get all bubbly and warmed up

Louis Roederer Champagne Ice Bar will get you warmed up before and during the event. Get served up some of the best champagne in the world.

Jewellery Shopping- visitors will pick out Christmas gifts for their loved ones

A wide selection of big retail giants will be at this Christmas market. That means visitors can pick out Christmas gifts for friends and family. Here is a site with more details about The Mayfair Christmas Market

Due to its central location, The Mayfair Christmas Market is perfect for visitors looking for all kinds of Christmas decorations and gifts. Visitors will get a chance to marvel at established and emerging traders from the worlds of drink, food, homeware, design and fashion.